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Things to do in Lisbon


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Is there any feeling better than the ocean breeze touching your skin and the sound of the waves crashing? You feel the sand on your toes and you swear you can hear the sea calling for you. There’s just no way to resist that, is there? Enough surfing on surf camp Portugal! Book this experience now, trade the keyboard for a surf board and let’s catch some waves McNamara style!

person surfing in lisbon


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This is the ultimate lifestyle experience! Riding on a boat, enjoying the beautiful landscapes and the clear rivers of Portugal. You choose how radical or how peaceful you want your ride to be. The perfect choice for a romantic sunset with your better half or a fun afternoon with friends.

friends boating


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It takes a lot of courage to go rafting. Every second of the course is a surprise and it is all happening so fast that the adrenaline levels are up high. The teamwork here is the key to get through all the obstacles safely.
Get your adventurous friends all together and join forces to go down the crazy rapids on our Portuguese rivers!

peoples rafting


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We believe that climbing if one of the most empowering activities of all times. The sense of self-accomplishment you get when you get to the top, the breath-taking view over the most incredible places in Portugal, the magnificent nature you’re surrounded by that makes you feel so small but at the same time so big.
What are you waiting for to hear your name echoing through the mountains?

woman climbing in rock


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This is where all the videogames come to life! Suit up, put on your helmet, grab a gun and shoot your opponents with paintballs! From capture the flag to last man standing, the game type is your choice. Find a good place to hide, plan a strategy orsimply get nuts and run and shoot in every direction hoping to kill someone along the way, whether your choice is, the fun is 100% guaranteed.

paintball in lisbon


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Enjoy the beauty of the bottom of the sea without all the fuss of diving. Snorkelling is a peaceful activity where you discover the ocean under the surface at your own pace with little equipment. Just you and the sea life you find along the way. If you’re looking for some quiet time in the ocean, this is definitely an experience for you

snorkling in lisbon

Scuba Diving

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Gear up and dive deep down into the ocean to find all its hidden secrets. This activity requires some skills but we are sure you’re up for the challenge and the reward couldn’t be better: experience the amazing sea in a whole new level. There is nothing like the feeling you have while scuba diving, this one is a must!

scuba diving in water


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Enjoy the view from up high while you’re being pulled by a boat at high speed! Sounds crazy, right? This is a super fun experience and the only thing you have to do is enjoy the ride because the boat will do all the work for you. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

parasailing in lisbon


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Have you ever wished you could fly? What if we tell you can? Let the wind guide you through the sky and enjoy this wonderful experience, seeing the landscape from a completely different perspective.
Are you ready to have the time of your life?

paragliding in lisbon


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Skydiving is probably one of those things we all have written down on our bucket lists. It’s the perfect cocktail of adrenaline and tension that leave us with a knot in our stomachs but hoping for seconds when our feet touch the ground.
Jumping from a plane at high altitude into a free fall just to open the parachute at the last second to land safely on the ground?
Sign us in! Are you brave enough to join us?

skydiving in lisbon