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Beer Tasting

Available by request

Nothing feels better in a hot day than a cold beer, right? The bubbles, the perfect layer of foam on top, the little drops of water on the glass just to prove how cold that pint is! We bet you’re looking just like Homer Simpson when he thinks about a cold Duff (or anything food related to be honest!)
Spend a great afternoon doing nothing else but tasting different kinds of beer, discovering new flavors and finding your personal preferences which embraces in Lisbon activities. Are we the only ones feeling thirsty already?

3 beer glasses

Wine Tasting

Available by request

Pour, look, swirl, smell, take a sip and taste… with your eyes closed to look just like a pro. Wine tasting is harder to describe than it is to do. We suggest just tasting as many different wines as possible. Learn the lingo, know all the varieties of wine, discover the different notes and become a real wine connoisseur to impress all your friends on the next dinner party.
Taste, experience, remember and above all, enjoy!

wine glass in garden

Wine Caves & VineYards

Available by request

Ever wondered what makes the wine have different tastes? From the grapes to the caves, it all matters. We’ll guide you through all the process from the beginning until the final product, where you’ll be able to taste the varieties of wine and be challenged to find the unique notes of each one.
Let’s make a toast to this great experience!

wine caves & yards

Beer Museum

Available by request

Travel the world of beer in one of the most beautiful buildings of Lisbon. Find everything there is to know about Portuguese beers and from all the other countries where the Portuguese language is spoken.
Celebrate life while tasting some of the best Portuguese food and beer. History has never been so tasty!

beer cans in beer musuem

Artesian Beer

Available by request

Does the love for artesian beer make us hipsters? If so, we’re proudly hipsters! Join us and find some of the best artesian beers made in Portugal. See closely all the production process, learn the tricks and go home brew your own elixir. This is a drinking experience like you’ve never had before!

awarded beer glasses