What to do in Lisbon on Christmas

Do you need a few thoughts of things to do in Lisbon for Christmas? On the off chance that you’ve chosen to come to Lisbon for Christmas, it’s an incredible decision since you’ll adore it! Christmas is a significant celebration in Portugal. Everyone gets together and shows their love and affection to the friends and family however much as could reasonably be expected. Peoples from the families help one another. Moms, grandmas, aunties, uncles, cousins make their best starters and dishes. It’s cold outside, however you won’t find a hotter spot than Portuguese homes during Christmas. Read on to find a few hints for you to appreciate the city of Lisbon in this Christmas season as most ideal as!

Prepare your heart with joy to the Lisbon Film Orchestra

Musical Orchestra in Lisbon

Regardless of whether the song decisions aren’t traditionally Christmassy, there is something in particular about a group sing-along that just feels so festive, right? Head to the lovely Campo Pequeno events building on the 9 December and watch a hypnotizing live orchestra play the soundtracks of popular movies and TV shows, including Star Wars and Game of Thrones. Obviously, being in Portugal implies that you’ll become more acquainted with a portion of the nation’s preference for TV, with the song My Life Is Going On from the Spanish series A Casa de Papel likewise including at the show. The event promises to be full of celebration, arousing “feelings, memories, experiences, romance and nostalgia, just as bringing a great deal of activity and suspense”. It’s an unimaginable chance to immerse yourself in local culture and an energizing start to a night out on the town! Tickets start from €9.50 (around £8.42).

Visit Rossio Square and Terreiro do Paço

Rossio Square
Rossio Square

Also called as Praça de D. Pedro IV, this square in the heart of Lisbon is home to a large number of its most wonderful and fancy buildings, which come alive each winter as enlightenments are set up in the roads. Just as light installations and a gigantic, amazing Christmas tree, you’re simply round the corner from the absolute most established pastry shops in the city like the mentioned Confeitaria Nacional and Pastelaria Suíça. After this, go for a brief walk to Terreiro do Paço, probably the biggest square in Europe, where you’ll discover beautiful views on the river and increasingly festive lights which is Lisbon tourist attractions.

Taste Rabanadas

Tasty Rabanadas

Rabanadas are another Christmas delicacy! They are somewhat like the “French toast”, yet in Portugal, there is a fantastic assortment of recipes! In December, a lot of various types of rabanadas are generally sold all through the nation! Also, in the event that you come to Lisbon and have the chance to have some rabanadas, don’t hesitate just enjoy it! The ordinary rabanada goes with “ovos moles” over it, which is made with the mixture of egg yolks and sugar! It is originally from Aveiro, yet numerous baked goods stores make rabanadas with ovos moles! Be that as it may, we likewise have chocolate, cinnamon, lemon and orange ones! There are a lot more flavors, yet these are the most well-known ones! There are rabanadas for each taste!

Taste the amazing bolo-rei – Portugal’s traditional Christmas dessert

Tasty bolo-rei for Christmas

Truly translating into Kings Day, as a kind of perspective to the Three Wise Men in the nativity story, this round uncooked cake is beautified with crystallized and dried products of the soil, with a hole in the center to resemble a crown. It is said that this treat initially advanced toward Portugal in 1829, when the monarchy’s official bakery opened and made the sweet from a French recipe for Gâteau des Rois. Bolo-rei is a stable in many households come December, yet on the off chance that you need to attempt the crème de la crème of this fruity number, get yourself to the original spot that made it, Confeitaria Nacional, which still stands on Praça da Figueira looking as great as you’d trust.

Have some aletria and leite creme

Creme De Leite Creme
Creme De Leite Creme

A portion of the things to do in Lisbon for Christmas are certainly to attempt all the season’s delicacies, for example, aletria and leite creme. Not a single table goes without both these tasty and sweet desserts on Christmas dinner. That is the reason, in the event that you get the opportunity, you completely ought to have a few. Aletria is a pastry made with vermicelli pasta. This recipe is quite basic, it calls a few ingredients, for example, egg yolks, milk, lemon or orange peel, and cinnamon. Also, the secret ingredient for it to be impeccable is love and affection! Leite creme is somewhat like the crême brulée. In any case, Portuguese peoples have interesting cooking skills. Leite creme is bubbled while the crême brulée goes to the oven. The ingredients are additionally unique. You should try the Portuguese leite creme, and choose which one success to win your heart!

During Christmas, families get together and tables are loaded up with delicious starters, dishes and desserts. As Portugal still is a significant religious nation, Christmas is somewhat of a big deal. It is such a joyful and heartwarming season. It even makes you to forget its cold outside and just in enjoy holidays in Portugal.

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