Lisbon itinerary 7 days

Lisbon is the perfect destination for an energizing and stuffed 1-week vacation. Contained inside the Lisbon area have Lisbon sightseeing, staggering sea shores and agreeable day trips, all of which can without much of a stretch fill your one-week holiday. Alongside the daytime activities, Lisbon flaunts dynamic nightlife, awesome cafés and a glorious climate. Numerous travelers don’t plan sufficient time to explore Lisbon and simply hurry through, missing quite a bit of what this enamoring city can offer. Try not to commit their mistakes, and devout at least seven days to find this remarkable city and the surrounding locale. This guide will give a proposed seven-day guide for Lisbon, alongside links to assist top to bottom information.

  1. Alfama, Baixa, Cais do Sodre and Bairro Alto


This busy first day visits the Alfama, Baixa, Cais do Sodre and Bairro Alto districts. Inside these four districts are huge numbers of Lisbon’s iconic vacation spots and give the ideal introduction to the city. The Baixa districts include great courts and fantastic roads, and were totally revamped after the devastating 1755 earthquake. Alfama is the oldest district of Lisbon and is a maze of narrow streets which climb the precarious hills up to the palace. Cais do Sodre lines the banks of the Tejo Estuary and has been recently changed from a seedy red-light district of town into probably the trendiest section of Lisbon. The Bairro Alto is the famed nightlife center point of Lisbon; however it additionally contains pretty plazas and brilliant viewpoints.

  1. Belem, Alcântara and Estrela locale


The second day visits three districts of Lisbon, yet most of the day ought to be spent exploring Belem. Belem is the beautiful area toward the west of Lisbon, and is loaded up with parks and formal gardens that follow the banks of the Tejo Estuary. The districts contain the luxurious Jeronimos Monastery, the charming Torre de Belem and Padrão dos Descobrimentos, and are come to by riding the E15 cable car. Estrela is a peaceful and quiet district and is the ideal spot to relax after the steady crowd of travelers in Belem. Lisbon has a flourishing artisan community and the LX factory in Alcântara is the best spot to experince this scene.

  1. Parque das Nações and North Central Lisbon (Parque Eduardo to Príncipe Real)

There are two distinct sections right up ’til today; the Parque das Nações and the charming downhill walk through the Parque Eduardo and along the Avenida da Liberdade. The Parque das Nações is the striking present day side to noteworthy Lisbon, being initially built for Expo 1998 and has since been changed into the business and corporate center of Portugal travel. The region is arranged on the eastern side of Lisbon, on the banks of the Tejo estuary and is loaded up with ultra-modern buildings, bold architecture and water-themed gardens.

  1. Day trip to Sintra

Sintra lies in the Serra de Sintra, and these pine-covered hills cover lavish palaces, radiant mansions and antiquated caste ruins. Notwithstanding the historic monuments, there are challenging hiking trails, shocking landscape and the absolute best rock climbing in Portugal. Sintra is the greatest day trip from Lisbon, and you ought to remember for your 1-week occasion to Lisbon. There is an immediate train from Lisbon to Sintra, and a bus services (highway 434) connects the station to the main traveler sights.

  1. Cascais day trip


Cascais is a great town that combines traditional Portuguese fishing heritage with nineteenth century grand architecture. Initially Cascais was a minor fishing harbor however was changed when ruler Luís I (1861-1889) chose it would turn into his royal courts summer retreat. Today, Cascais is an advanced holiday destination, which offers travelers delightful sea shores, fascinating historical buildings and charming town center. Cascais is associated with Lisbon by a regular and in expensive train service.

  1. Beautiful Day on the beach or a day trip to Obidos

Lisbon beach

It comes as an a surprise to numerous visitors new to Lisbon that the region contains such a significant number of excellent beaches, and huge numbers of these sea shores are effectively open by public vehicle. Toward the west of Lisbon are the popular beaches of the Oeiras-Estoril-Cascais coastline, a series of sandy beaches and charming resort towns that are perfect for families and sun worshipers. Toward the south of Lisbon are the flawless beaches of Costa da Caparica coastline, which stretches out for over 25km along the western side of the Setubal Peninsula and are perfect for surfing.

  1. Day trip to Setubal or Sesimbra

sesimbra tour

For the last day it is suggested to visit Setubal or Sesimbra. Setubal is a busy port city with an impervious fort, a lively every day market, and characterful historic center Withdrawing from Setubal’s harbor are farries to the paradise of the Troia Peninsula. Sesimbra is a traditional beach resort which is a most loved with Portuguese holidaymakers. The town has a superb sandy beach, is popular for its seafood restaurants and has a distinctly Portuguese atmosphere. Arranged among Setubal and Sesimbra are the rugged hills of the Serra da Arrabida and the excellent Portinho da Arrábida coastline. Setubal is connected with Lisbon by train and bus services while there are normal transports to Sesimbra.

You won’t need to search far for nightlife as you can simply plunge into the variety of Fado joints and swish coffee shops in the Bairro Alto district. At that point, maybe, you can take in the latest in digital installation workmanship at the Berardo Collection Museum, or go nose to nose with a grimacing shark at the Lisbon Aquarium. In the interim, the mysticism of much-vaunted Sintra covers up in the nearby hills, while unlimited stretches of pristine beachfront abound large amounts of the promontories around the Tagus Estuary and the Atlantic Coast. Just go in Portugal and enjoy your 7 days holiday in top sights in Lisbon with your family and loved ones.

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